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My mission is to offer you tax solutions and answers so that you can achieve your life projects

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Grow your organization

Tax Financial speaker

We help employees understand critial aspects of finances and taxation.

Save more money

Tax optimization

We apply to most advantageous rules for your situation.

Maximize returns and more

Financial performance

Take charge of your finances with the help of Sound Money Management.

Protect your family

Heritage protection

We will develop a unique strategy specific to your profile and needs.

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“With my extended years of experience in tax/finance, I am entrusted with important mandates for my clients. I have the privilege of working with people for them to obtain the information and solutions necessary to optimize their quality of life. I pay attention to all the details provided to create an ideal partnership to help you navigate your economic life plans.”

Why choose Luc?

20+ years of experience

Taxation and Finance expert

Client-centric focus

My mandate is simple; I want to help you solidify the best possible tax refunds. This goal of ours can be achieved because of my extensive knowledge and sharing the correct information necessary for your financial success. Furthermore, we will help you take charge of your finances with the help of sound money management and develop a unique strategy specific to your profile and needs.

Finally, we can help your business. In short, we strive to deliver accurate and timely information to businesses & their employees. We will ensure that all your staff understands the most critical aspects of finance, financial services, and taxation. Yes, we aim to have happier, more informed, seasoned, and equipped employees through our financial planning and taxation workshops.

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