Are you looking to make a nice profit grab before the holiday season? You’d be surprised that your rental vehicle can get you back several thousand dollars. In some cases, it may be advantageous to buy back your lease, give your dealer a bank “draft” in an amount equivalent to the cash surrender value, and sell your vehicle on the Facebook marketplace.

A bargain to seize

From the outset, the market for new vehicles has been dramatically affected by the pandemic. Supply chains are slowing down, and as a result, automotive production remains anemic. In this sense, this appalling shortage has caused prices for new vehicles to skyrocket, but invariably, it has created great opportunities for those who sell or buy used cars.

In this vein, rental returns are a gold mine for dealers. In general, they repossess the rental vehicles at market conditions at the time and resell them, essentially, at a profit.

However, if it is appropriate for you to buy back your vehicle, you will have two choices. First, you sell to a person at the market price, and the other option is to keep possessing your used vehicle.

Facebook Marketplace

As a drop-off point, research and establish your property’s fair market value “FMV” if you opt for the resale of your used vehicle. This step is essential because the “FMV” of your car will be your reference point for accepting or refusing offers.

First, to buy back your leaser, you must give a certified cheque to your car dealer. Then, you are ready to make a “post” on the Facebook marketplace.

So, be prepared because car brokers will stick to you like “white on rice.” They are swift and aggressive, and their first offer will be ridiculous. Anchor yourself to your “FMV,” and you will see, like a “little gust of wind,” the increase in the pace of prices will follow the proverbial military step.

Replacement value

With that, it’s essential to calculate the replacement value, as it may be advantageous for you to keep your newly purchased vehicle from the dealership. Indeed, prices for new cars have increased by at least 20%-30% since the end of the pandemic. In addition, the financing needed to buy your property is also much more expensive.


“Oh boy! ” don’t forget that if you sell your vehicle and make money, the tax man. Woman wants their cut. Our tax laws contain specific rules determining the tax consequences when trading on a “Property for Personal Use.” In general, notwithstanding the $1000 rule, the profit made on the sale of your car will be considered a capital gain, and 50% of your gain must be included in your income.